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This week, I have covered a bit on the Burmese government’s lack of response on sex trafficking. Next week, and the following week, I’ll be focusing on other factors involved in sex trafficking.
Trafficking in Persons Report 2007 United States, Department of State.
A model form of slavery. Trafficking of Burmese Women and Girls into Brothels in Thailand. Human Rights Watch Report. 1994.
Myanmar Nightlife Yangon Nightclubs Bar Hotels.
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Every big city in the world has some prostitution activities.
There are some myths about it and they are extremely exaggerated , everywhere they scream around about this subject with a negative meaning, in particular, the figures indicated in Wikipedia are nothing but bad talking about other people. In whole Yangon, the biggest city in the country is for sure not more than maximal 2000 persons who do this job, that includes “freelancer” who come to the nightclubs on the weekends to get some cash.
Now pulling all this together there are for sure not more than about 5000 in the whole country, this is not Thailand where this is mainstream. I kindly ask these people who scream around of 20k to 50k they should either make a serious survey or keep their mouth shut or rather off the keyboard, enough manipulation has been done already in the past decades we DONT need another one.
This is also very easy logical to calculated.
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At night in bars with Burmese girls.
Burmese Girls & sexy nightlife entertainment.
Even Kipling and George Orwell have been fascinated by them plus many other foreign men since the British conquered Burma. In Myanmar, it is very similar to Thailand Nightlife.
Although most night entertainment spots in Myanmar are rotten somehow similar to Cambodian Nightlife they have plenty of gorgeous young women who just wait for the big spender, maybe you? 
At first, visiting this nightclubs bars and could be shocking since we are used in a cleaner and better-shaped environment but now it is like that, Rome also wasn't built in a day…
Street Food at night in Yangon.
Street Food in Yangon After it gets dark the most popular places are the open air eateries in Chinatown where they also have some guys playing guitar and slowly walking between the tables.
The breeze from the Andaman See pushes away the remains of the heat of the day some beer is running down the throat and maybe some  more nightlife is enjoyed  in one of the bars and nightclubs around.
Why Is There So Much Prostitution In Thailand?
It is basically to do with the need – or desire – for money, combined with a person’s individual value system.
All people have a value system, which is normally determined by the society in which they live. For example, religion may not be important to many Westerners, but in a Muslim society it is not only extremely important, it defines every aspect of life.
In the past, in northern England, maintaining an immaculately clean door step was regarded as being very important. Women would spend hours scrubbing their front door steps. However, most other people would not find this important at all.
We all have things we believe are important, and things that aren’t.
Money is at the very top of the value system in Thailand. Many foreigners think this is because Thais are greedy and materialistic, which is sometimes true, but in many cases it isn’t.
Money is essential to buy the necessities of life and it is very difficult to come by in Thailand. The cost of living in Thailand keeps rising and food keeps getting more expensive. Many Thais are poor and not only do they have very little money, they have very few opportunities to earn money.
A Thai politician once made the comment that youngsters from the north-eastern (Isaan) region could only ever aspire to be room maids or petrol pump attendants. These words were harsh, but there is an element of truth to them.
The culture of taking care of one’s family is also very strong in many parts of Asia, including Thailand, and therefore many Thais will feel pressured to earn money not only for themselves, but to take care of their families as well.
The welfare system in Thailand is limited. The government provides assistance with medical bills and there is a very small old age pension (about Bt500 per month), but there are none of the other benefits that you might find in other countries, such as child benefit allowances and unemployment benefit. For many Thais Thailand is a very tough country to live in.
Against this background, if there was some way that poor girls could earn very good money they would naturally take it. It so happens that there is. Prostitution.
Depending on an individual girl’s value system, this profession may be unacceptable. It would be to many girls, including many Thais girls. Even though there is a lot of prostitution in southern Thailand, very few of the working girls are from the south. Most come from the poor Isaan region.

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