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He is then alleged to have paid her up to ?2,000 for sex, something he continued to do back in France.
Miss Dehar was one of 18 girls quizzed during a police raid on the Cafe Zaman, a nightclub on the Champs Elysee, last week.
She has told vice squad officers that she had ?2,000-a-night sex with all three players.
Prostitution is legal in France, but those selling sex must be over 18.
Mr Ribery, widely considered to be France’s best player, told examining magistrates that he saw the girl over a number of months in 2009.
If charged and found guilty the Muslim convert faces a maximum of three years in prison and a fine of up to ?40,000.
Judge Andre Dando has yet to decide if Mr Ribery is to be prosecuted but it remains a possibility,’ said a judicial source in Paris.
It has been reported that Mr Ribery has admitted having sexual relationship with the girl over several months, but denies knowing she was underage. He could be in very serious trouble at the worst possible time in his career.
The same goes for the other players if they are found to have been knowingly sleeping with an underage prostitute. Mr Ribery is hoping to star in this summer’s World Cup finals in South Africa, and is also contemplating a lucrative move from Bayern Munich, to England, Spain or Italy.
He and the other three players were summoned to appear before Judge Dando after the swoop on the Zaman. It has now been shut by the authorities.
A man known as “Abou” from a hit French reality TV show was questioned about his alleged role in acting as a “pimp” to introduce players to the girls.
Mr Ribery, bought by Bayern for ?25 million in 2007, converted to Islam to marry his French Algerian wife Wahiba. The couple have two daughters.
Mr Govou, a winger with Lyon, is single but has a five-year-old daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Pascale. The two men will meet in the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday in Munich.
Mr Benzema, who plays for Real Madrid and is a target for Manchester United, is believed to be single.
Despite the new revelations, Sophie Bottai, Mr Ribery’s lawyer, continued to deny that her client had slept with the girl.
This affair does not concern my client and could only, in the worst case, involve his private life alone,’ she said. Lawyers for Mr Govou, and Mr Benzema also deny any wrongdoing.
While international players for teams like England have frequently been involved in scandals involving sex and alcohol, this is the first time that the French have been connected with widespread sleaze allegations.
France was widely criticised last year for the way they qualified for the World Cup.
Thierry Henry, the former Arsenal star, was alleged to have handled the ball which set up a goal against Ireland which secured the draw France needed to go to South Africa, where the competition starts in June.
Miss Dehar celebrated her 18th birthday on February 28 this year. A picture taken on the day shows her with Mr Ribery.
According to police files, Miss Dehar started working as a prostitute in March 2008. She was making up to ?20,000 a month sleeping with wide range of rich clients, especially multi-millionaire footballers.
They would fly her to destinations like Dubai, putting her up in five star hotels. She is also known to have attended European Cup football ties involving English clubs.
Detectives said Miss Dehar has co-operated fully with their enquiries, and did not face criminal charges herself.
She is currently staying with friends in Paris.
Despite the scandal, indications are that Mr Ribery’s wife will stand by him. She has told his club that she will attend tonight’s European Cup tie against Lyon.

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What’s the point of this article? Yes, it is easy indeed to find protitutes all over Cartagena, I’ ve been there….so what? Does it men that I have to go and “get” one?
I’ve been in several countries where it’s really easy to get drugs and prostitutes? I’ve never gotten drugs nor even been in a night club where you can pick up girls….it’s a matter of principles and ethics….
Don’t blame Cartagena prostitution, blame your secret service agents (not so secret now ah?)
Juan, Costa Rica.
The scandal which has been going on with the Secret Service and Military personel is sickining. So they got served fine but I really don’t see 800 dollars for a women, that is not realistic especially in that country probly could live a whole year with those type of dollars. Someone has tried to discredit you and WE are not buying it I applaud the job you have been doing especially the one at newbirth here in georgia. We look forward to continually fighting this war with you. So I ask the media and Congress drop this we have much bigger stuff to expose and I want the same exposer on what is happening in Georgia, especially gwinnett county to be specific.
Nothing new here….alcohol, young men, beutiful women. lol Too bad they didn’t just pay the girl…this would have never hit the media.
hola. i live for 23 years at new york and i see prostitutes walking up and down, they try to pen my car door, can i call that agressive? make no difference is yoy are at cartagena de indias or new york. upff one more. remenber Eliot Spitzer. (NYGOV) his prostitute got pay 2500$ per hour/ some others just charge 20$ lil difference there… edgar…

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