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AO: Are all the prostitutes Indonesian? Or do foreign girls work the scene as well?
MS: During the time I lived in Bali, I only came across one foreign woman that was reputed to be working as a prostitute. She was a Russian lady, and it was rumoured that she was on the island to service wealthy Indonesians. To my mind, this type of activity would be far more prevalent in places like Jakarta or Surabaya. Saying that, I’m sure it takes place on a smaller scale and that it probably involves wealthy Asians.
AO: What are the best online insider guides for the latest Bali sex scene info?
MS: Hard one for me to answer as I rarely look on the internet for that type of material. I’m sure it’s out there.
AO: Health agencies report an HIV/AIDS rate of 25 percent among Bali prostitutes, and about 50 percent have chlamydia, gonorrhoea or syphilis – or a combo of these. Clearly, wearing a condom is in order. Do the working girls make wrapping up unembarrassing? Are condoms easy to buy in there?
MS: Most of the working ladies in Bali, if not all, would prefer their clients to use condoms. The health authorities in Indonesia have recognised the crisis, and they do their best to supply proper warnings and education. The problem with condom use generally comes down to the men, Indonesian and Western. A lot of these women are too shy or too desperate to stage too much of a protest when a man refuses to wear protection.
Condoms can be brought from all Circle K convenience stores or any Western-style markets. But the best advice would be to purchase condoms in one’s country of origin. The Indonesian condoms tend to be smaller and inferior in quality compared to the ones found in Australia, for example.
AO: Lately, the Ozzie press has been having a field day with crime against tourists is Bali, especially muggings and scams. What’s the reality? Is the press exaggerating?
MS: When I lived in Bali, the Ozzie press seemed to be reluctant to talk about the problems in Bali. I wrote about these problems in ‘Bali Raw’ and along with books, like ‘Hotel Kerobokan’ and ‘Snowing in Bali’ by Katherine Bonella,the floodgates opened a little.
These problems have always occurred, as they do in any major tourist destination around the world. I believe it is a good thing, and rather than seeing it as ‘Bashing Bali’, perhaps it should be viewed as addressing the problems so that they may be rectified. Most Australians love Bali, and it would be sad to see it ruined by an increasing criminal element and rising corruption, amongst other things.
AO: What’s the best way a sex tourist, or any tourist, can protect himself from being a crime victim?
MS: The biggest mistake Ozzie tourists make is that they see Bali as an extension of Australia – It isn’t. Tourists are vulnerable to crime in any popular tourist destination worldwide. There are many factors that play into it, but when tourists don’t take responsibility for their personal safety or their belongings, they invite criminals to take advantage. No matter where a person travels, it is wise for them to keep his or her guard up just a little. Australians in particular don’t seem to realise this when they travel to Bali.
AO: How about the police? Are they any help, or are they even trustworthy?
MS: It is perhaps wise to remember that everything comes at a price in Indonesia. It is also interesting to note that most Indonesians don’t trust their own police force. I don’t want to generalise, and it does come down to the individual (police officer). But if a problem can be solved without involving the police, then this may be the wiser course of action.
AO: As you know, Australia has laws against citizens abusing children, even out of country. If an Ozzie in Bali is worried about the age of a girl, how can he confirm she’s 16 or older?
MS: Any Indonesian working girl, not only a Balinese, is required to carry an identification card, and this can always be checked. If a person has doubts, then he should enquire about the woman’s age and then ask for proof. Then if the woman is unable to show that proof, he should politely walk away. I would suggest erring on the side of caution over lust every single time. There are more than enough working girls in Bali that meet the legal age requirement.
AO: Let’s say a first-time Ozzie meets a girl in a bar. Will it be obvious whether she’s a prostitute or just out partying? How can our Ozzie newbie confirm a girl is a hooker without potentially offending a non-hooker?
MS: Honesty is always the best policy. Indonesian women tend to have a different perception than Western women when it comes to this type of question. Whereas a Western woman would most likely be offended, an Indonesian woman, if asked with sensitivity and perhaps a dash of humour, will generally understand the practicalities involved in such an inquiry.
AO: Can an Ozzie date a non-prostitute Balinese girl? How does he go about meeting and dating her?
MS: This happens all the time, and I happen to have three friends who are married to beautiful Balinese women. Balinese are always friendly and easy to meet, and sometimes they are open to dating Western men. I would add, however, that any man thinking of dating or marrying a Balinese woman will be expected to embrace her culture completely. He will also be expected to become involved with her extended family to some degree. There are some men that find this a lot to take on, and so it is perhaps wise to investigate fully by communicating openly with the girl and her family.

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