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PROSTITUTION – There are approximately 2,000 homeless children in Romania . Many of them are forced to accept money for sex to survive. AIDS is an increasing problem. (Harold Briley, "Bitter winter for Romania’s street children," BBC, 2 January 1998) 5% of the homeless children in Romania are in prostitution. The main railway station in Bucharest is a main area for children in prostitution.
Bitter winter for Romania ‘s street children.
Harold Briley, BBC News, January 2, 1998.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
Some of the girls are child prostitutes. When you are 11 or 12, with nowhere to go and nothing to eat, it seems an easy – and sometimes the only – way to survive. Unaware of the dangers, they fall pregnant, and their babies die. Those that don’t, they abandon because their unformed breasts contain no milk to feed them. Occasionally there is a girl cradling a sickly baby. Some of the children have AIDS, doomed to die before they become adults.
ROMANIA – Report On The Worst Forms Of Child Labour [PDF]
Worst Forms of Child Labour Report 2005 – Romania. worstformsreport /world/romania.html.
[accessed 14 September 2012]
CHILD PROSTITUTION AND PORNOGRAPHY – 5% of the homeless children in Romania are in prostitution. There are approximately 2,000 homeless children in Romania . Many of them are forced to accept money for sex in order to survive.
Child Prostitution Seen As Threat to Eastern Europe.
Reuter, Strasbourg France , 29 April 1996.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
Victims were being recruited among an estimated 100,000 homeless children in eastern Europe, according to the survey by the ECPAT organization. Child prostitution was rife in bars, hotels and around train stations. Experts blamed local gangsters, poverty, and lax attitudes developing as a reaction after the fall of puritanical communist regimes. It said. boy prostitutes came mainly from Romania , Poland and the Czech Republic .
ECPAT International Newsletter, Issue No : 33 1/December/2000.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 13 September 2011]
EASTERN EUROPE – Hungary and Poland are receiver, sender and transit countries for the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. Romania is a sender and receiver country but Bulgaria is only a sender country. Hungary and Poland receive children from Romania , Ukraine and Russia . The main destinations for children trafficked from and through Poland are Germany , The Netherlands and Belgium . Many of the victims are boys. Furthermore, in Poland students voluntarily prostitute themselves in Germany over the weekends in order to earn money.
Student Prostitution In Romania.
Student Prostitution In Romania.
here’s more on the growth of student prostitution – facilitated by the internet of course.
This article from the English Language publication – Vivid – was published in Bucharest in 2004.
The oldest profession.
He says he often has to be careful in choosing his clientele and he refuses those who appear more perverted than he can accept. Adrian says he knows where to draw the line and tries to keep his job as respectable as possible. ”I actually don’t like being called a gigolo, I prefer being referred to as a freelancer,” he says.
Bucharest City Guide.
City Center Street.
Bucharest in a word : Acceptable.
Budget other : Beware of currency con-artists.
Bucharest is an acceptable, walkable city but pales in comparison to other Romanian cities. To give you some perspective: it’s not as memorable as Belgrade but it has a lot more character than Sofia.
When you get to Bucharest you will be merry. Romanians girls are foxy. They are slight and splendidly cute; stylish and pretty bright. One thing you will notice about Bucharest is couples have no problem making out in public. The girls are quite liberal in this regard. Although its not quite as easy to close here as the Eastern Slavic countries, it’s a great place for dating. From my experience the girls in other Romanian cities are much more friendly than those in Bucharest. That said, the quality here is hard to beat. A lot of the younger generation speak English and peakcocking garners a good deal of interest. Negs will knock the chicks down a peg or two (a lot of them need it).
The nightlife is slightly dispersed. The old town/Lipscani has the biggest concentration of bars.
Lots of cute student girls and cheap booze. If you want to cut out the middle man go to Piranha which is actually on campus!
Kind of a hipster place, the girls here are a little alternative but receptive. I had a great time here. It has a kind of underground feel to it and often has live bands. It also has a lively bar and a dance floor. Busy most nights.
Legislation : Very strict. You can’t be arrested for consumption but 1g in your pocket, if found, means jail for sure.
Law Enforcement : Undercover cops in most of the clubs, pubs, bars. Usual policemen knows the look and smell of weed, so home is the best place to enjoy your smoking.
Where to buy Marijuana in Bucharest : Just friends and friends of friends. Asking ppl on the street or clubs is a bad idea. Don’t try to get hooked up from people you don’t know. It’s also more likely to find hash than weed. Where NOT to buy marijuana: clubs, bars, discos; suburban, ghetto-like areas; concerts or public events. In general, in Romania marijuana or hash can be bought safely only from people you know. Don’t buy from strangers !

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