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If this law amounts to “legalized pedophilia,” then legalized pedophilia has always existed in the U.S. because we’ve never punished children for being molested.
this is prostitution ….. not molestation ………. you are mixing up your facts …. as usual ………. they have, as children, given “consent” …… it is legalized pedophilia ……. a few states allow children to give “consent” for an abortion and some countries allow children to give “consent” for termination of their lives …… it is really hard when liberal ideas go bad and they have so much difficulty justifying what is being done ………. and thanks to homomarriage ….. you have no leg to stand on …… you broke one rule and you have no one to blame if others do the same …… good job ……………..
What in the world are you talking about? You started off just plain wrong and then veered off into crazy.
There are four nightlife areas I visited in a weekend trip:
1. La Sexta – the main strip of bars and clubs. A little cheesy but has the most amount of people. It’s kind of split into two parts so if you’re wondering “Is this it?” then you have to walk a couple more blocks down (or up).
2. Granada – a much smaller area of bars and restaurants catering mostly to the middle/upper class and located only a few blocks from La Sexta. You’ll find a few gringos here, especially in the bar Bourbon Street (Calle 17N 8N-45), though with the live music and friendly vibes it’s actually a lot of fun. The girls here like gringos but the quality isn’t great (if you’ve been to Medellin then it’s kind of like Blue). There are three pubs nearby that I didn’t try.
3. Menga – a strip of large clubs heavy on the salsa and wooden tables, the latter of which makes it hard to casually mingle unless it’s absolutely packed (it was half dead when I went because of a holiday weekend). As typical in the rest of Colombia, groups are mixed sex. The club Mango Biche is a reasonable choice (10k peso cover) as it plays a mix of music and not just salsa. Jala Jala is supposedly the best if you want to dance to salsa all night long.
4. Parque de Perro in Barrio San Fernando – a square with a couple dozen bars and clubs. Popular with younger people who don’t mind drinking on the street than actually going inside a bar. Probably best for a date than picking up but I like the vibe most here.
Except for places in Menga, all bars and clubs in the city close at 2am on Friday and Saturday (and 1am on Thursday), so it’s best to get started early.
Two quick day game options:
1. Chipichape Mall – huge mall that is good for hanging out and people watching.
2. Juan Valdez Cafe (on the corner of Calle 17N and Av 8 near Bourbon Street) – this is quite the hangout for the upper class and the hottest girls I saw in Cali were here. Chat up girls at neighboring tables, asking for their nightlife opinions or whatever.
The bottom line is that Medellin’s nightlife is better as you have more variety, more “western-style” bars, later hours, and hotter girls. So if you think Medellin nightlife sucks then you won’t like Cali’s unless you’re crazy about salsa.
For nights I’d just start in Bourbon Street then go to La Sexta. Take dates to Parque de Perro. If I stayed a while in Cali I’d just focus on day game to meet girls because nightlife here is way too hit or miss. I’m told that Thursday and Friday are not great nights to go out, leaving only Saturday to mack.
On the bright side, there are less gringos and things are cheaper, but for good times Medellin and Bogota will give you more options.
For more on Colombia, check out these forum threads:
There is a reason Medellin is such a popular destination.
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California’s new misguided policy further exploits child prostitutes.
Make no mistake, California: This is the legalization of child prostitution. (AP Photo/Kim Johnson Flodin)
Recent headlines discussing the legalization of child prostitution in California have taken the country by storm.
Has California done such a thing? Or hasn’t it? Was the law prudent or foolish?
As a California law enforcement officer, I have dedicated my life to helping those who can’t help themselves, and so child prostitution debates strike a nerve with me. This is not just a political debate for my colleagues and me. This is what we dedicate our lives to. I can say with full confidence that California has implemented a harmful policy that will cause further exploitation of our state’s most vulnerable children.

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